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Allies and Morrison Masterplan Vauxhall Square

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Allies and Morrison Masterplan Vauxhall Square

Post  Mr007 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:56 am

Allies and Morrison Masterplan Vauxhall Square

Published on 11-02-2011 by
Hot on the heels of the rejected Bondway Tower in Vauxhall are plans by Allies and Morrison Architects to masterplan another of the key sites in the area for developer CLS.

The site, named Vauxhall Square, sits in the heart of what could be one of the densest high-rise clusters in London. It is literally over the road to the north of the Bondway site, with Vauxhall Cross Island immediately next door to its east, and St George Wharf to the north.

The design features a group of four buildings, with three of them sitting on a site bounded by Wandsworth Road to the north, Miles Street to the west, and Parry Street to the east, with the railway viaduct running past the south western corner. The fourth building is sited on the other side of Miles Street with the passing viaduct hugging the western part of the site.

The three main buildings of Vauxhall Square consist of two towers, one to the north, and one to the west, with a shorter building on the southern side and a public space between them that is largely enclosed by the buildings and sheltered from the passing traffic. To the eastern side it opens up towards Vauxhall Island.

The scheme could include as much as 20,000 square metres of office space, plus 8,000 square metres of ground floor retail, a hotel, cinema, and space for 240 students giving a mix of space that combined with other developments in the area should help make it a venue. The two towers of the proposals will have about 400 apartments.

One of the major problems however with this site, and the nearby ones too, is the massive amount of traffic that drives around them turning them into urban islands. Pedestrian permeability is limited as a result, and it isn't necessarily the most pleasant place one could live.

To help rectify this one suggestion is to build what has been dubbed the "Vauxhall Linear Walk". This is a raised walkway stretching west from Vauxhall Square and past Vauxhall Bridge with a series of pedestrian links north and south connecting the various sites such as St George Wharf up to this central axis.

Although this may seem similar to London Wall and the warren of walkways around it, it is born of necessity rather than a belief in modernism - there is little desire from the authorities to completely rebuild the road network here.

The scheme is still at an early stage in the planning process with consultations between the developers and local stakeholders underway, and as such represents more of an outline masterplan than anything rigid.
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