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Refresh of 199 Bishopsgate Approved

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Refresh of 199 Bishopsgate Approved

Post  Mr007 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:55 am

Refresh of 199 Bishopsgate Approved

Published on 16-02-2011 by
British Land and their partner in the Broadgate Estate, the Blackstone Group, have secured planning permission for a refresh of 199 Bishopsgate.

The building, which stands between the Broadgate Tower and Bishopsgate Exchange, was completed in 1991 to a design by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, that thanks to its step backs and angled roofs appears rather more modest from the street than its 14 floors actually are on paper.

With a little leeway in the height limits of the area, the refurbishment penned by John Robertson Architects, the roof height will get boosted from 68.31 metres AOD to 72.24 metres, with improvements made to the arrangement of the plant unit there, along with the fitting of new acoustic louvres. Elsewhere, on the bottom of the building in the basements the plant machinery there will be removed opening it up to the opportunity of greater amounts of bicycle storage, some seventy bikes instead of the present ten.

The entrance of the building will be moved to Bishopsgate providing it with a more obvious and logical front door compared to the current one that also bounds Primrose Street. At the new entrance a mezzanine will be added, whilst the old entrance will have a regular office floor built where the existing mezzanine is. On the highest office floor of the building the mezzanine will be removed there too to create a double height space that should prove impressively appealing for bankers with fat wallets.

Despite the changes, the amount of space in the building will actually shrink in size to 19,246 square metres, a figure which is 381 square metres less.

Nonetheless, it will provide a welcome refresh of what is an increasingly tired building, with the potential for a much more lucrative rental agreement once it is completed. tweedehands gigant doe het zelf
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