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UNITE Wins Approval For New North London Plans

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UNITE Wins Approval For New North London Plans

Post  Mr007 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:51 am

UNITE Wins Approval For New North London Plans

Published on 04-02-2011 by
The UK's largest developer and manager of student accommodation, the UNITE Group has announced that they have received planning permission for a new project to be located within the Hale Village Master plan site.

The project, which lies adjacent to the Tottenham Hale Station in north London, will occupy the northwest corner of the 4.8 hectare site which was previously occupied by a large collection of industrial sheds which formed the GLS depot.

The plans designed by BDP will see construction of two L shaped buildings, forming a rectangle between them which is linked by a central courtyard.

The western block which runs parallel with the railway line will be the tallest, standing at a height of approximately 44 metres AOD, stepped in height the northern block reaches a maximum height of approximately 39 metres while the eastern and southern blocks will stand at 25 and 30 metres respectively.

The facades of the tower appear to be a mix of black and white concrete with accents of wood cladding. The lower floors are heavily glazed while the upper floors feature offset windows which break up the strong vertical lines created by the facades textures and colouring.

When completed the project will provide 524 beds which will comprise of 66 flats ranging from 3 bedrooms to a rather large ten bedrooms, each of which will have en suite facilities and shared kitchens guaranteed to cause arguments over who's turn it is to do the washing up.

There will also be a common room which will open out onto the masterplans eco park, laundry, reception, and bike shed. 283 cycle spaces are also planned but there will only be one car parking space that will be blue badge only.

Work on the site is expected to begin in March 2011, and with all going well should be completed in time for the beginning of 2012's academic year.
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